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Hi Anne,

Many thanks again for arranging Chris's trip to our place here at 'Le Bahot'.

Everything went without a hitch – Chris telephoned us that he was on his way from  Calais and I went to meet him at the pay booths at exit 25. Our little village is only a couple of miles away and very easy to find for Chris next time he comes. He told us it is best to have a yearly service if we don't want any problems and we want it to work efficiently. – He said he doesn't mind coming over again to do this as we are not so far away from Kent.

The servicing was a little cheaper than anticipated as the combustion chamber was okay. Chris checked everything before going and what a difference. Now the radiators were hot in no time even at the far end of the house where we weren't getting any heating at all, (our farmhouse is very long).

Thank you Chris for a great job – Francoise is especially happy to be able to cook on it and get a good cooking temperature fast.

Best regards to you both,
Jaques Anderson